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IN MALAYSIA? SUFFERING FROM HAIR LOSS? You may be suffering hair loss, right? Your tap water may be the cause. It contains a huge concotion of 'hard metals' including chlorine and limescale, which can cause scalp calcification and hair loss. Some countries have sodium fluoride in their water source which is an active rat poison and does not benefit your health at all as it gets into your bloodstream as does all other chemicals, including lead, nickel and cadmium. These cause dryness and inflammations speeding up the process of hair loss. Skin allergies, hormonal changes, cancer, etc. changing the natural process of the body's cellular level.Suggestions: Get a filter to remove the larger scales of toxins. Too expensive? Find supplements that will help you to detox and keep you clean and fight the free radicals, eat more clean, raw plant food, exercise, use a shampoo and conditioner that will remove the build up of chemicals that cling to your hair follicles. Use a non toxic…

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